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Gaelic Song:  McCrimmon's Lament

Scottish Reels:  Drunken Piper & Old Grey Cat

Jigs:  Jig of Slurs & The Dance Piper

Irish Slow Air:_King of the Fairies


Video samples

Loretta Thompson in concert at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO and her fiddle student, Faith, playing Scottish reels.



Dreams of Scotland(available on CD only) by Loretta Thompson 

A collection of early Scots songs by Robert Burns, Robert Tannahill, and others; plus variety of Scottish fiddle tunes.

  1.  Ye Banks and Braes   (vocal song)

  2.  Old Grey Cat   (instrumental reel)

  3.  I'll Lay Ye Doon, Love   (vocal song)

  4.  A Hundred Pipers/Drummond Castle   (jigs)

  5.  Green Grow the Rashes, O   (vocal song)

  6.  Neil Gow/James Baird's Favorite   (strathspeys)

  7.  Arran Boat   (slow air, instrumental)

  8.  Are Ye Sleepin', Maggie?   (vocal song)

  9.  New Rigged Ship   (reel)

10.  The Lea Rig   (vocal song)

11.  As the Sun Was Setting   (slow air)

12.  Dumbarton's Drums   (vocal song)

13.  Highland Boat Song   (slow air)


To order Dreams of Scotland:

  Please phone (303) 781-6959

  or e-mail:  Loretta@LorettasMusic.com