meet Loretta and Her Music

Loretta Thompson is a high-spirited musician and singer whose versatile performances captivate audiences everywhere. Loretta's dynamic fiddling and radiant voice echo the fervor of her Scottish-Irish and American heritage. Her passionate and spontaneous enthusiasm for traditional music and dance shines in every aspect of her life.

Playing fiddle, guitar, whistles and more, Loretta magically entertains her audiences with instrumental and vocal repertoires in traditional Celtic music, American Historic and Nostalgia, Old Time Country, as well as Classical and popular styles. With unforgettable melodies and toe-tapping jigs and reels, she will move your spirit to dance! Be it Scottish, Irish, or American, her stirring renditions will sweep you away on a fascinating journey to the old country. Contact Loretta for great music and fun times as she takes you to wonderful places special in her heart!

Loretta’s P.C. (Points of Credibility)

• Genuine nature and vibrant passion for the music
• Provides group or solo entertainment to suit the occasion
• Seasoned professional entertainer making a livelihood from performing and teaching
• Skilled music educator who knows how to inform and enlighten her audiences
• Involves people in her performances in a variety of ways
• Plays for dancers in several different authentic music styles
• Thorough understanding of music styles and the culture involved
• Trained conductor and a published composer
• Provides variety within a single music style
• Continually researching music history, composers, and folklore


Loretta’s passion for the violin and the influence of veteran musicians inspired her to study and experience the Celtic culture at home and abroad. Seeking her true heritage in Scotland and Ireland, she literally fiddled her way across both countries. Embraced wherever she traveled for her talented fiddling and enthusiastic charm, Loretta brings this life experience to each performance giving it its authentic flavor and sound. She has been featured for many years at local, state, and national Scottish and Irish gatherings, Celtic Festivals, and in concerts with a long list of leading Celtic entertainers. Loretta also has many years experience playing for all forms of Celtic dance. She provides exciting music for Scottish Ceilidh Dance, Irish Ceilí Dance, or Scottish Country Dance.

Need top entertainment? Let Loretta help make your next event unforgettable.


Loretta has experience as a full-time public school orchestra director, clinician, and general music teacher, and is a member of the Evergreen (CO) Chamber Orchestra. Her formal education includes undergraduate studies at Metropolitan State College of Denver where she majored in music education and conducting. Loretta has been an instructor at the Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp since its inception in 1999. Currently she composes music, teaches privately, and conducts two music groups--Summit Middle School Celtic music group, and the Colorado Chinese Language School Orchestra.

Need cultural diversity? Contact Loretta for educational performances and clinics for any age group.


With a rural upbringing in Texas and Arkansas, Loretta’s passionate pursuit of music led her to experience everything from flute and vocals to guitar and drums. Much later she became enchanted by the violin. “I was fascinated by its magic. It possesses a totally unique and cantankerous nature, like an untamed pony. And as they say 'I just couldn't put it down.’” And lucky for us she didn’t! “For years, the older contest fiddlers helped and encouraged me. It is their enthusiasm and energy that is heard in my playing to this day.” Later, she was mentored further in Celtic music by several masterful players from Ireland and Scotland, and then the magic really began!